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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 23, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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news this morning. your next local update is 7:26. captions by: caption colorado captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west, this is thursday, january 23rd, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning", and dangerous cold disrupts the lives of tens of millions. muc much of the country won't see any relief for days. a real-life scene from "g d "goodfellows," years after the lufthansa heist. plus, talking about the super bowl, and preventing head injuries. we begin with today's "eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds." >> gosh, i hope it warms up. >> yeah, be better for everybody. >> what do you think of this? >> brutal deep freeze blankets half of the country.
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>> in minnesota, wind chills are expected to hit 35 below. >> freeze warnings as far south as florida. got stuck late last night leaving passengers stranded in the cold. >> the nfl says it has a contingency plan in place. another big storm wallops the area on super bowl sunday, including moving the game to different day. >> police have arrested a man in 1978 lufthansa heist made famous in "goodfellows." >> the condos fire cause is not yet known. justin beers has been arrested. >> in mississippi, a huge blaze at a biodiesel plant, several homes evacuated. >> amazingly, no one has been hurt. >> a norwegian flight was
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grounded after passenger spotted fuel pouring out of the wing. >> oh, that? >> oh, my god, that will make you stand up! >> protect the children, folks. >> -- being a part of the "wolf of wall street." >> you only made $60,000. >> i would have done anything in the world -- >> and anything that matters. >> some suggesting sherman acted like a, quote, thug. >> the only reason it bothers me is because it seems like it's the accepted way of calling somebody the "n" word nowadays. >> in belarus, a parrot is in the running to win a local council seat. he wants better roads, improved schools, and a cracker. this morning's "eye-opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off.
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good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> many of you are in the west are the ones enjoying warmer than normal weather. the eastern united states is facing more dangerous cold. high temperatures today in many cities will struggle to reach double digits. >> boston will see a high of 16 on top of more than a foot of snow. it will be 19 in cleveland, 18 in st. louis, 9 in chicago, and only 0 today in the twin cities. nina moini of wcco is out in the cold. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and clarissa, and good morning to our viewers in the west. minnesota on track to have its coldest winter in more than 30 years for the second day here. several school districts here are closed because of dangerous wind chill levels that came in late last night and are expected to be around until about noon today. the temperatures were averaging 35 to 45 below zero throughout parts of minnesota and wisconsin. the air is so frigid that exposed skin could freeze in as
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few as five minutes. leaving schools to shutter for the day in an effort to keep people indoors and safe. still, drivers across the region braved dangerous conditions. black ice and snow blowing across the roadways caused hundreds of traffic accidents around the state. visibility was so low that some roadways were closed. this morning, crews will have to reassess how they're going to treat our slick roads, because when it gets this cold, some of the chemicals they use simply do not work, and we are expecting similar conditions yet again come monday. back to you, charlie, clarissa. >> nina moini in minneapolis. and the icy weather knocked out power to a packed commuter train in connecticut. that left some 200 passengers stranded without heat for two hours last night. the spokesman said it was still warm enough inside to keep riders from freezing. this morning, forecasters predict the cold weather pattern could stick around for the rest of the month. chief meteorologist eric fisher
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of our boston station wbz is with us. eric, good morning. >> good morning, clarissa and charlie. good morning, everybody. certainly a pattern that's stuck and should stick around for a while. this is not the type you want to stick around. 36 below zero in minneapolis. 22 below zero in chicago. and that is dangerous, at times life threatening, cold. and wind chill advisories and warnings for 31 states now. widespread, much like what we saw earlier on in january. as we look forward through the rest of the month, repeated outbreaks of cold working through. this goes on until at least february, if not deeper into the month. and we take a look at the next storm potential, and another clipper starts to come down this weekend. this will spread snow. it doesn't look major, but chicago, already seeing its fourth snowiest january on record, so that's more in the bucket. this moves over toward the northeast on sunday night into monday. and it doesn't look as big as the last one, but more snow probably not what the folks are looking for. >> thanks, eric. the snow brought a dress rehearsal to super bowl xlviii.
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in the next half hour, we'll look at the readiness for a snow bowl with league commissioner roger goddell. this morning, u.s. intelligence is assessing the new potential risk of a tower attack at the winter olympics in sochi, russia. the white house describes an up tick in threats. >> the pentagon is offering help to russia that could include sending devices to stop roadside bombs. cbs news national security analyst juan zarate is a former advisor to president george w. bush, and good morning. >> good morning, charlie, clarissa. >> what sort of assistance -- what are the russians now saying in terms of their willingness to accept assistance? >> the russians are very prideful. they want to put on a successful olympics, and do it on their terms. as the olympics approach, they're more willing to accept assistance. from what i'm hearing, they're scrambling to accept some of the assistance the u.s. is offering. you mentioned the department of defense offering technology to disrupt improvised devices.
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and the question is, will the russians accept it? >> at this stage, it seems enough damage has been done by the terrorists ramping up the rhetoric, even if there isn't an attack, it's been devastating to president putin. >> well, absolutely. president putin has personalized the security and success of the olympics and in many ways the terrorists want to disrupt it. but psychologically they can disrupt it, with actual attacks or the threat of attacks or even hoaxes. we've seen that already, and you're going to see a ramp-up of the kinds of threats as we approach the olympics. >> do they have a different attitude about the security than we do? >> they do. they are ruthless and use mass force, and you're going to see about 60,000 security personnel at sochi. that's going to be locked down. you're going to see disruptions. you've seen reports of terror suspects killed in raids and hearing reports of shoot-outs in dagestan and the north caucuses, just about every day now. >> do we know more about the black widows? >> the russians know there are at least three, in particular, that they're looking for one that may be in sochi.
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these are the female suicide bombers that present such a threat and have demonstrated ability to not only get inside security coordinates and bring down planes and attack metro trains. >> all right, juan zarate, thank you so much. we're learning of an arrest in a famous 35-year-old robbery at kennedy airport. you may ref the lufthansa case. in 1978, it was the largest cash robbery in u.s. history. sources tell cbs news that the fbi arrested several alleged members of the bonanno crime family this morning. one is charged in the theft of $5 million and nearly $1 million worth of jewels. the rest face other charges including murder. this morning, a government advisory panel wants president obama to stop the collection of americans' phone data. it calls the practice illegal and ineffective. the privacy and civil rights oversight board releases a report later today. it says the national security agency surveillance program, quote, raises serious threats to privacy and civil liberties, and
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the panel wants the nsa to throw away all of its phone records. but two of its five members say they disagreed with the reports' conclusions. the president may discuss nsa surveillance in tuesday's state of the union speech. a cbs news poll out this morning shows 46% of americans approve of the president's job performance. that number rose slightly in the past month. 47% say they still disapprove, and 61% of americans believe the country is on the wrong track. we're hearing for the first time for the wife of a man who was shot and killed in a florida movie theater. she watched her husband gunned down after he was texting. as mark strassmann reports, she now calls her life unbearable. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, clarissa. nicole oulson spoke for only a minute, but in that short amount of time, she managed to convey pain about her loss. she work a pink cast around her left hand, a reminder of the day her husband was fatally shot in front of her. >> in the blink of an eye, my whole world just got shattered
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into a million pieces. and now i'm left trying to pick them up and put them all back together. and it's so hard, and it's so unbearable. >> reporter: on january 1 3g9, the couple went to see the movie "lone survivor." during the previews, chad oulson sent texts to the baby-sitter watching their 22-month-old daughter alexis. that texting irstated curtis reeves, a 71-year-old retired police captain sitting behind the couple. reeves first complained to the manager and then returned to the inside of the theater to argue with oulson. witnesses told police that oulson threw a bag of popcorn at reeves, who admitted he pulled out a handgun and shot oulson once in the chest. that bullet also struck nicole oulson in the hand. she reportedly was trying to shield her husband. >> me and my husband didn't get a date night very often, much less a whole day to spend together, so i was just so excited and looking forward to spending the day with the love my life. >> reporter: reeves was arrested for second-degree murder.
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his lawyer did not return "cbs this morning's" request for comments, but last week he told a judge that reeves was only trying to defend himself. he could potentially use florida's controversial stand your ground law. >> alleged victim attacked him, struck him with an object, which resulted in the gunfire. >> reporter: yesterday, oulson's lawyer said they'll oppose bail for reeves. >> everyone with a cell phone is at risk. i mean, you never know when this guy's going to go off again. >> reporter: chad oulson was a 43-year-old navy veteran who served in operation: desert storm. he didn't have life insurance, and a memorial fund has been set up to help his family. >> still trying to recover from the shock, and my main focus is on my daughter alexis. >> reporter: reeves has a bail hearing scheduled for february 5th. nicole oulson says her little daughter doesn't really understand what happened, but she does, though, know her father's gone. >> thanks, mark. this morning, iran's new president says reaching out to the rest of the world is a
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priority that includes the united states. margaret brennan is in switzerland where rouhani spoke today. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, clarissa and charlie. we could call it a high-profile pitch. rouhani is the first president of iran to come here in a decade, and he told a roomful of executives that iran is open for business. it's an attempt to capitalize on the nuclear deal with the west, which gives iran limited relief from sanctions. in a speech today, rouhani called it the biggest achievement since the 1979 islamic revolutions, and while the deal only lasts six months, he says it opens the door to have normal relations with europe and possibly the u.s. >> translator: therefore, what we have achieved is not nearly a temporary agreement on a specific issue, but a preview to future agreements and engagement. >> reporter: the deal lifts
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restrictions on the auto, oil, and metals markets, but all that can be reversed if iran doesn't follow through with its promise to halt and destroy its stockpile of highly enriched uranium, which the west fears could be used to build a nuclear bomb. by meeting with oil executives, rouhani is essentially asking them to bet that a permanent deal could be possible, but might be a leap of faith, though, because the white house warned this week that any one or any business who violates the remaining sanctions is going to face very harsh consequences. >> thanks, margaret. this morning, protest leaders in ukraine are threatening to go on the attack. there is no sign of compromise. charlie d'agata is watching the mounting violence. >> reporter: over the past four days, the bad situation in kiev got much, much worse. this morning, there's a tense standoff and the clock is ticking on a 24-hour deadline spent yesterday by opposition
7:14 am
leaders and the government to grant snap elections or face the wrath of the crowd. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: thick black smoke hung over the streets of kiev at morning light. months of largely peaceful demonstrations have erupted into whole new levels of violence. workers at this makeshift clinic said five people have been killed. the government puts the figure at two, confirming they died of gunshot wounds. the latest round in ukraine's knock-down, drag-out fight began after the government imposed strict new laws effectively outlawing all forms of protests, designed to douse demonstrations, they, in fact, had the opposite effect. igniting a serious backlash. riot police fought running street battles with defiant protester, beating the unlucky ones unable to get away. opposition leaders met with the leader and issued the ultimatum. pull back the forces and call new elections, or face the consequences.
7:15 am
leading opposition figure, the former heavyweight boxing champion, urged the government to give in and anti-government figures also told the crowds to prepare to go on the march. even if the price is a bullet to the head. now, all of the trouble began months ago after the government pulled back from a deal with the european union under pressure from russia. the u.s. has responded by revoking the visas of un crakra crackdown. >> thank you. voluntary evacuations overnight near a biodiesel plant in new albany, mississippi, and an explosion sent flames towering into the sky. no one is hurt, the cause of the blast is under investigation. three years ago, the company was fined for failing to perform inspections. super bowl xlviii is ten days away, but off-the-field drama continues for richard sherman.
7:16 am
newly released audio clip from sunday's playoff victory revealed the moments before sherman's controversial postgame rant. jeff gore has the audio. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: charlie, good morning. i don't know if you've seen richard sherman's postgame interview, you have likely heard about it. nobody knew what sherman said to 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree until this. it turns out the nfl had them miked up, aired last night on "showtime's inside the nfl." >> and picked off! >> reporter: seconds after this play stilled seattle's victory on sunday, richard sherman sprinted over to michael crabtree. hell of a game, he said. crabtree then shoving sherman in the face. the raw emotion spilled over into a postgame interview for the ages.
7:17 am
>> well, i'm the best corner in the game. when you have people like crap tree, that's the result you're going to get. don't you ever talk about me! >> reporter: the rant, which lasted less than a minute, dominated postgame headlines, and lit up twitter with many slamming sherman. >> we're talking about football here, and, you know, a lot of people took it further than football. >> reporter: on wednesday, the 25-year-old said he was surprised by the backlash. >> maybe it was misdirected, maybe, you know, things may have been immature, things could have been worded better. but this is on a football field. i wasn't -- i wasn't committing any crimes, you know, doing anything illegal. i was showing passion after a football game. >> let's go! >> reporter: sherman said his outburst was only a small part of who he is. the stanford graduate, a native of compton, california, said he was most hurt by people calling him a thug. >> the only reason it bothers me is because it seems like it's the accepted way of calling somebody the "n" word nowadays. i know some thugs, and they know
7:18 am
i'm the furtherest thing from a thug. >> good game, man. love you. love you, baby. come on. >> reporter: this dispute between sherman and crabtree dates back to a charity event hosted by larry fitzgerald. sherman wrote that crabtree said something to him, and he has not said exactly what. the seahawks and richard sherman show arrive in new jersey this sunday. >> we can't wait. thanks, jeff. >> all right. it's time to show you the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the new york times" looks at a study of economic mobility. it found that chances of moving up or down the economic ladder in this country are the same 20 years later. the report's authors say that although the odds haven't changed, the lack of opportunity is alarming. "the los angeles times" looks at an engineer accused of trying to classify smuggle on the f-35 stealth fighter to iran. he is an iranian america and worked at pratt and whitney where the engines are made.
7:19 am
officials claim he travelled with boxes of classified materials labelled household goods. the "washington post" says new surveillance blimps are causing privacy concerns, flying about 10,000 feet 20 miles northeast washington. the goal, spotting potential threats to the nation's capital. blimps used in afghanistan also carry powerful surveillance cameras. "the miami herald" says pop star justin bieber was arrested last night in miami beach for drunk driving. the miami beach police department confirms on twitter bieber was taken into custody for both dui and drag racing. he was in a lamborghini. and our san francisco station kpix looks at california's severe drought, a u.c. berkeley professor who studied tree rings warned it could be the driest winter in 500 offshore winds kicking in overnight at least over the north bay mountains. and that's where red flag warnings are posted for today.
7:20 am
most of the bay area again looking at some mild temperatures into the afternoon. and a big time swell now developing along the coastline watch out for that toward the beaches. highs today will be slightly cooler still well above the average into the 60s inside the bay 60s and low 70s inland and low 60s out toward the coastline. as we head in toward the next couple of days a few more clouds then warmer weather for the weekend. this national weather report sponsored by toyota. let's go places.
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nfl commissioner roger goddell just arrived in studio 57 along with the chairman, and we've got a lot to talk about, including the cold weather super bowl and their big announcement in the fight against player head injuries. the news is back in the morning on "cbs this morning," stay tuned for your local news. ♪ i think the sun might be shining ♪ ♪ just a little more bright ♪ ♪ i think the stars might be hanging ♪ ♪ just a little more high ♪ ♪ come on, love ♪ a new day is calling, and it feels so right ♪ [ female announcer ] with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and cocoa, there's a whole lot of happy in every jar of nutella. spread the happy.
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your real reeling >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's 7:26. the widow of a veteran bart police officer who was fatally shot tuesday says she cherished every moment with him. tom smith's family spoke publicly in an exclusive interview with kpix 5's juliette goodrich at the smith's east bay home. a public meeting is planned tonight about a proposal to tax sales of sugary drinks in san francisco. several county supervisors plan to attend. surf's up. 24 of the world's best surfers are headed to the bay area for mavericks. the iconic mavericks competition in half moon bay. the contest will start tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,, ,,,,,,
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good morning. liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." very heavy traffic leaving oakland at the bay bridge toll plaza expect delays extending to the 880 overcrossing with the metering lights on. over at the san mateo bridge we are seeing some backups now in the westbound direction. you can see some of the brake lights there. it's going to be slow approaching midspan. meanwhile over at the dublin interchange west 580 still very heavy through the livermore valley. here's lawrence. >> liza, sun coming up on what looks like a very nice day although the fire danger is going to be running high. in the north bay we have some offshore winds blowing there. red flag warnings are up above 1,000 feet. high pressure in control bringing in a nice sight like that. clear skies over the bay but a couple of patches of fog toward the coastline. swells building out toward the coast. so you could see up to 20-foot swells, high surf advisory at the beaches. temperatures in the 60s low 70s. looks like partly cloudy skies by tomorrow. ,,,,
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female announcer: female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets, at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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everyone here in new york is gearing up for the super bowl. are you guys excited about the super bowl? we can't wait. this is very interesting. i read that more than a thousand private jets are planning to land in the new york area for the big game. that's right, a thousand jets are planning to land in new york. they say, at least some jets are headed to the super bowl. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, a major shift in late night comedy. 37 years after he got his break on the tonight show, jay leno is leaving but not without talking to "60 minutes." leno's first in-depth interview on his soon to be former employer. that's ahead. nfl commissioner roger goodell and ge o'jeff immelt are
7:31 am
with us this morning. they're taking the next step to improve player safety. >> in march they launch add four-year $60 million plan to fight brain injuries. now they're announcing the first round of recipients, those who are diagnosed and the treatment. first a look at balancing the success of pro football with safety. >> caught! for the touchdown! >> right now the national football league is on fire with revenues estimated at more than $9 billion, the nfl is the most lucrative sports league and its popularity continues to soar. >> to the end zone. touchdown. >> sunday's battle between the denver broncos and new england patriots scored the second highest rating in 27 years with more than half of all the tv sets on tuned to the game. but while the health of the
7:32 am
league is not in question, the health of its players is. concussions suffered on the field continued to plague the game. just last week a judge questioned whether that would be enough to cover all the claims. then there's the upcoming super bowl xlviii in new jersey just across the river from new york city and the need to keep everyone safe. 4,000 officers from multiple law enforcement agentcies will be o hand to protect the big game and fans will be scrutinized at the gates. >> walk-through detectors, metal detectors, pat-down searches, canine keys, and x-ray equipment. >> security isn't the only concern. it will be the first open-air cold h weather super bowl in history. if january is any indication, winter promises to play a prominent role on the field. >> roger goodell and jeff
7:33 am
immelt, welcome. great to have you here. >> good to be with you. >> we want to talk about the matchup, weather contingencies, security, all of that. but let me begin with what brings the two of you together, the effort to do something about concussions. how did this start? >> look. i've been a friend of rogers and he's done a lot with the nfl over the years. i think brain science is a place where ge's invested heavily through our health care business. it's bigger than just the nfl. it has to do with alzheimer's disease, traumatic brain injury military kids are experiencing when they come back, and certainly concussions are a big part of that. we felt that there would be an opportunity to unleash the technical mite of the country to be a part of this. the nfl is a great convener. it's great brand. when they do something, people listen. so roger and i started talking about this about a year ago and we made it happen last march. so far, so good.
7:34 am
we're getting a ton of great ideas how to treat, how to diagnose and that's the power of two great brands. >> what did you make happen? >> whe created two challenges. today we dpierng to announce the winner of the first challenge. what it is is the ability to better diagnose concussions. hopefully what comes out of it is to better advance science so we can diagnose and then get into treatment. there are great treatments there. >> as nfl commissioner, this is your number one priority. >> yes, it is. player health and safety is important but really what inspires jeff and i here is we can make changes in all of the military. these are injuries of not only injuries but also diseases. >> you say this is a major concern and i saw some others
7:35 am
are on the board. >> darfa has been a big funder. when we started talking about cancer, i think of the progress we've made. the brain is largely on study. when we talk about the challenge, it's better pictures to really see minor concussions, biomarkers i a study of how the brain's doing, is it eahealing. one of the things is having a sideline tool to diagnose in ten minutes if somebody has a concussion. when i was a kid, the doctor would put his hands like this and look into your eyes. was the diagnosis. so it's a fast diagnosis, progression of disease, spotting what's actually gone on in the brain. alzheimer's is going to use the same stuff.
7:36 am
the military as well. >> let me go to the settlement, the $65 million settlement. the judge rejected it. so what now?& >> she didn't approve it at the time. she's going through everything to make sure that the money that's in the fund, in the settlement will be sufficient for the needs so that's appropriate. we will continue to work with her and do the best we can. >> are you worried about it falling apart? >> both sides want to continue to have this and we believe it's the right thing because we can get money to the people who need it mootly and we think that's the initiative. we think the funds in there are necessary and efficient to handle it. >> what did you make of president obama in the "new yorker" interview when he said he wouldn't let his son play pro
7:37 am
football? >> males are living longer, three years and living to a higher age. there's a lot of misinformation out there, but our players, we want to continue to do what we can to help them when they're playing the game, when they leave the game, but our players are doing great. we'll also continue do more. lit me turn to the super bowl and what might happen this week. >> the fun part. >> you know what's going to happen this week. >> is it going to happen on the 1st or the 2nd. >> and are you watching the weather channel. >> contingencies, expectations, et cetera. >> whenever you put on an event like this, you have to be prepared for contingency. when playing outdoors, you have to realize weather will be a factor. we want to make sure the fans
7:38 am
are safe and warm and we even done in that area a lots to hem them. the community in this region has done an extraordinary job. >> they know how to handle it. >> roger, i heard you're going to be sitting outside. can i have your indoor seat? is that true? >> yeah. i want to experience it. i want to experience it. >> you don't want to watch a game with her because she constantly takes pictures of you rather than the game. >> there would be hundreds of people with their shirts off. i will not have my shirt off. >> a couple of things about security. will there be concerns? >> it is always a concern for us wchl don't have have any reason to have a concern but we take every precaution.
7:39 am
when you have this many people coming you have to watch for their sixty. >> do you have a favorite? >> you know, russell wilson's father played college football with me. harry wilson. i loved harry. he unfortunately died. everyone who knew harry is a russell wilson fan, so i have to confess to rooting for the seahawks. >> i have to ask you about richard sherman. when you watched this were you cringing or cheering because it's certainly brought a lot of attention to the nfl. what were you thinking? >> you know, it's an emotional game and you see a young man come off the field and he's pumped up. no, i'm not cheering for that because he is such a great young man. he does well off the field, obviously on field and i want
7:40 am
him to reflect the best of himself. he took a little bit away from the team. that's what he said yesterday and i think that's an interesting comment and it's fair. >> a couple of things changing in the nl. number one, the extra point. you want to take away the extra point because? >> no. the issue here, charlie, we want to take -- it's an extra point over 500. so it's almost automatic. the question is can we make it a little more difficult to achieve and one concept is could you take the kick and say the kick is out rm you automatically get seven points but if you want to run or pass, you can get an extra pass and if you fail, you lose a point. you might get six. it's one of many, by the way. >> one point. i know it doesn't happen often but it can make the difference. can we talk about the possibility of "thursday night football." if you were still running nfc,
7:41 am
would you still -- >> one of the things that makes a broadcast or broadcaster is to aggregate. you know, i would choke on the price because -- >> do you see it happening, roger, yes, or no? >> we had 13 games on thursday night last year. >> yeah, i know that. >> we're going to continue to do that. there's a lot of interest in our media partnership. >> may i see bsf. just throwing it out there. thank you, commissioner. thank you, jeff. jay leno says he is not going to retire but he's giving up "the tonight show." how he's making way for jimmy fallon.
7:42 am
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7:46 am
>> well, a person in that situation, he meant everything. it was -- it wasn't like it is now. the door to being a standup comedy or television success was "the tonight show," the curtains through which you passed to be on "the tonight show." and he meant everything to me, he meant everything to everybody else who was out there doing standup. >> david letterman on the late johnny carson today marks nine years since carson's death. tonight marks a new era as jimmy fallon takes over for jay leno. for the first time he talks about his length on the show and his successor. here's a preview with steve kroft from ""60 minutes." >> you would have stayed. >> it's not my decision. we have a young guy ready to skufrp in.
7:47 am
sure, i would have stayed in. he's more like a young johnny since anybody since and he's really good, so you go with the new guy. makes perfect sense to me. if they said, look, you're fired, we don't know who we're going to get, we don't know what we're going to put in there, anybody but you, we just want you auto of therout of there, i hurt and offended. this makes perfect sense to me. i understand it. >> you can see steve kroft's complete interview with jay leno offshore winds kicking in overnight at least over the and that's where red flag warnings are posted for today. most of the bay area again looking at some mild temperatures into the afternoon. and a big time swell now developing along the coastline watch out for that toward the beaches. highs today will be slightly cooler still well above the average into the 60s inside the bay 60s and low 70s inland and low 60s out toward the coastline. as we head in toward the next couple of days a few more clouds then warmer weather for the weekend.
7:48 am
911 dispatchers get a call from an airplane pilot. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." >> carson was head and shoulders beyond anybody doing it now, anybody who will ever do it. you may see flashes of what he could do, but if you look at his show, it was always effortless. even shows that were awful, you just wanted to see what johnny was doing. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by international delight. have a delightful day. hey bonnie, can i hold her? yes. cup your hands together for me. rub it all the way up your hands. any exposed skin. and get the backs of your hands too.
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda marie macdonald flames engulfed a three sto apartment building in san francisco's mission district. the fire good morning, everyone. 7:56. i'm frank mallicoat. get you updated on some bay area headlines now on this thursday. flames engulfed a three-story apartment building in san francisco's mission district overnight. the fire started just after 6:00 this morning. residents got out safely. neighbors saw one firefighter on a stretcher taken into a paramedic vehicle. a new report suggests caltrans tried to cover up safety problems with the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the scathing report says an official overseeing the construction project told an engineer not to document concerns about cracks and other problems with the bridge but, rather, voice those concerns so there was no paper trail. traffic and weather coming
7:57 am
up right after the break. the kfc favorites bucket. e got 10 pieces, any recipe. twelve ninety-nine. everybody gets what they want. we love this new extra crispy boneless. he's taller than i remember. ♪
7:58 am
good morning, everybody. liza battalones here with your "kcbs traffic." expect delays in san jose because of this accident northbound 280 approaching the 17-880 interchange. one lane is closed. you can see the red there, traffic backed up from the guadalupe parkway. meanwhile, over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on and the oakland delays now extend to the 880 overcrossing. lawrence? >> all right. we have seen some gusty winds overnight in the north bay hills red flag warnings posted now fire danger running high there. elsewhere, lots of sunshine over the financial district in san francisco, couple of patches of fog along the coastline. couple of storms off the coastline and some big time swells moving in toward the beaches today and tomorrow. highs this afternoon still well above the average but slightly cooler, 67 degrees in san jose, 65 in san francisco, looks like partly cloudy skies tomorrow.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, it's 8:00. welcome back to "cbs this morning." an arctic blast is expected to hang around the east until february, and the perfect time for hockey, right? find out what it takes to make ice in dodger stadium. plus, john legend, we will talk about his music, true love and the letter that changed his life. first, on this january 23rd, 2014, here is today's eye-opener at 8:00. >> minnesota on track to have its coldest winter in more than 30 years. exposed skin could freeze in as few as five minutes.
8:01 am
and advisories and warnings for 35 states right now. and you are going to see about 60,000 security personnel at sochi. and an arrest at the kennedy airport. pop star, justin bieber, arrested last night for dui and drag racing. nobody knew what somebody said to crabtree until after this. i heard no matter what the weather, you will be sitting outside? a, is that true? b, can i have your indoor seats? you would have liked to have stayed? >> sure, i probably would have stayed a little longer.
8:02 am
if you took wonderful snow photos and are thinking about up loading them, we don't wanted them. we love dave, don't we? >> that's a classic dave. i am charlie rose, with gayle king, and norah o'donnell is off. windchills in minnesota are down to 45 below zero, and many schools are closed. >> many areas are still cleaning up after this week's big snowstorm, and airlines are trying to catch up after canceling more than 5400 flights. and the cold weather is said to be sticking around for a little longer. this has been a rough stretch. certainly bitter cold windchills on the map.
8:03 am
feels like 36 below in minneapolis right now skphrbgs 39 below in far low, and chicago, indianapolis, in the same boat. 31 states windchill advisories and windchill warnings, all the way down towards brownsville. and the jet stream is going to stay in place. a big trough over the central and eastern united states, and it appears the pattern goes until the start of february if not a little longer. we are tracking the next storm system, and this doesn't look as large as the last. and you will see more flakes from this one over the weekend and we will see that snow move to the northeast sunday night into monday. winter is here to stay. back to you. >> thanks. now to the political storm growing in new jersey. the fbi investigating political charges of payback by christie. agents interviewed two op aides to zip mmer.
8:04 am
christie's administration denies the charges. the man suspected of hack into the e-mail of former president george w. bush is under arrest in romania. a man that goes by the nickname gutchifer, he may have also hacked colin powell and a journalist, burnstein. and then beck returned to the network to offer regrets. >> i think i played a role in help tearing the country apart, and it's not who we are, and i didn't realize how fragile the people were. i look back and i realize, if we could have talked about the uniting principles a little bit more, instead of just the
8:05 am
problems, i think it -- i think that i would look back on it a little more fondly. >> in 2010, beck suggested that president obama is a marxist. >> too little too late? >> i think self reflection is always good. it's never too late. >> perhaps we should be talking about what unites us. a pilot crashed his plane but managed to call 911 for help. >> yeah, i just crashed my airplane. >> are you injured? >> well, there's a little blood but i don't --
8:06 am
>> are you injured anywhere? did you lose consciousness or anything like that? >> i don't think so. i don't know. i don't really know what happened. i can't recollect immediately prior to crashing, but my plane is upside down, and it's a mess. >> rescuers found curtis after he gave them gps cord tphupbss and this morning he is still in the hospital in serious conditions. 70 years old, and still, as you saw, very in control. this morning los angeles is getting ready to make sports history. the city will host its first pro hockey game outdoors. the rink? a ballpark. carter evans is at dodger stadium where it's not exactly hockey weather. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, and good morning to the viewers here in the west. i no back east you have got the record-cold temperatures, but out here we have some of what a winter heat wave, that's why here at dodger stadium they are
8:07 am
doing everything they can to keep the ice rink behind me frozen until sunday. the field at dodger stadium has been undergoing a magical transformation. the baseball diamond is becoming a hockey rink. did you ever think in your nhl career you would be making ice in 80-degree weather? >> no, not a chance. >> reporter: dan craig is the ice guru, and his crew has been laying the ice at night and covering it with a thermal protection blanket during the day, and a truck is constantly circulating 3000 gallons of coolant. >> and a lot less sleep and a lot more stress, and failure is not an option. >> reporter: the games proved
8:08 am
highly profitable. it estimated this event could gross as much as $20 million for the nhl. >> reporter: is this a way to pick up new fans or build the fan base? >> yes, it's a way to pick up new fans on tv, and it show cases the kings and the ducks and the nhl together. >> luke used to play for the l.a. kings and now he is in the front office, and after days of preparation, he was one of the first to take the ice. >> pretty cool. it's a once in a lifetime event and to be the one to have the first opportunity to skate is pretty neat. >> and dodger stadium has held eight world series, and now the kings and the ducks will clash in the ballpark, and for gretzky, it's a dream come true. >> i think it would be so cool
8:09 am
to see our game played outdoors, shorts and t sherts, watching them play the great sport. >> reporter: nearly 55,000 people, and this is a regular season game, not an exhibition game. the ducks and the kings are two of the top teams in the conference, and the ducks being number one. this is expected to be a great rivalry and match-up. >> a lot going on in l.a. the grammys,,
8:10 am
here is another reason not to hate the cold. a little chill can help control your weight. how is that possible? a specialist is in our green room, and we will look at the science of cold weather and diet ahead on "cbs this morning." if you'rein
8:11 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 sponsored by aler began. talk to your doctor today about chronic migraine. ent that signiy reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. it's proven to actually prevent headache days. and it's injected by a doctor once every 3 months. the effects of botox® (onabotulinumtoxina) may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't take botox® if you have a skin infection. tell your doctor about your medical history, he knows how. and medications, including botulinum toxins,
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8:13 am
whole grains...
8:14 am
8:15 am
in our morning rounds, trimming down in the cold. a new study finds lowering the thermostat by a few degrees may hepburn fat. we are joined by the doctor. i am listening with both ears to this, when you say lower it by a few degrees, what does that mean exactly? >> it has to do with the fact that body weight is determined by calories in, calories out, how much you eat and drink versus the calories we expend. we are burning calories all the time, and in fact most of the calories are burned at rest. >> how does cold weather affect my weight? >> right. we know that when people get really cold, they shiver. >> true. >> that actually races your metabolic rate, the amount of
8:16 am
calories you burn sitting there by up to five times, and the fact is shivering is uncomfortable and nobody wants to shiver, especially a surgeon. >> yes, you are right. >> you don't need to go to the point where you are schiffheu s. >> help it by explaining it in terms of farenheit? if you go from what to what you will lose weight? >> sure. >> thank you for translating. give us numbers. >> it's not when you go home and drop it down a degree or two, it needs to be chilly, around 65 degrees, and there's a flethresd of what you need to be to get this affect. people do, when they go into
8:17 am
cold temperatures, they will shiver, they will get acclimated and won't shiver as much, and if they start out 70 degrees as an average, if they lower it two degrees, and over a couple days you get used to it and don't even notice. >> you can do well and do good at the same time, it will lower the heating bill and you will lose weight. >> that explains my weight when i lived in russia. we go from the cold to the hottest jobs for 2014. they include one big change, first on "cbs this morning," brian kelly is in the toyota green room with a new list. that's ahead.
8:18 am
>> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by purina. your pet, our passion. with beneful healthy smile snacks. with soft, meaty centers and teeth cleaning texture's dental that tastes so good. beneful healthy smile food and snacks. turn to roc® retinol correxion®. one week, fine lines appear to fade. one month, deep wrinkles look smoother. after one year, skin looks ageless. high performance skincare™ only from roc®. after one year, skin looks ageless. with freshly bakedeve in whole grain bread.right then we add all-natural eggs... lean antibiotic-free ham... and vermont white cheddar. get 16 grams of protein and 23 grams of whole grain in the breakfast power sandwich.
8:19 am
♪ i think the sun might be shining ♪ ♪ just a little more bright ♪ ♪ i think the stars might be hanging ♪ ♪ just a little more high ♪ ♪ come on, love ♪ a new day is calling, and it feels so right ♪ [ female announcer ] with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and cocoa, there's a whole lot of happy in every jar of nutella. spread the happy. there's a whole lot of happy in every jar of nutella.
8:20 am
8:21 am
"world report" is out with its list of best jobs in 2014. that is the lowest number since october 2008. brian kelly is the editor and
8:22 am
chief content officer for u.s. news and joins us at the table. hey, mr. kelley. so you saw something different. >> yeah, we saw a shift not so much away from health care because it's a good field to be in for many types of jobs but the technology jobs are beginning to move ahead. software developer, everything you have has software in it. mobile phones require a new wave of development. they're going through the roof. they're high paying jobs, $90,000 median salary and not -- as you go down the list there are data jobs. >> how do you go about making list? >> we look at ten different factors. we're studying the government data, how many of these jobs will there be ten years from now, how many jobs are open now, what's the employment rate for those jobs. >> does happiness matter? >> it does. we do crank in work/life/balance
8:23 am
and stress with some of these jobs. they look great on paper, but you earn the money. >> it's a blend. it's a mix. we try to give you a top ten, top 100. it's always important what's the best job for you. >> dentists were one of the top, and i'm -- i'm not surprised to hear that. >> one of the -- >> it's not a profession that interests you. >> there's an interesting story in these numbers which is really about the future of the economy. you have people -- you can't outsource your dental care to china, you know. >> good point. >> you can outsource manufacturing to china. >> it's like high tech, high touch. >> high tech, high touch is exactly write. john wrote "mega trends" in 1980s. >> manicurists. >> nail technicians. that's not going away. physical therapist, school
8:24 am
psychologist, but on the high thek side you have this surge for people in these various industries. database managers, you don't even know what they do. one of the things you realize is the qualifications are changing. these high tech jobs, you can't even get close to unless you have the good science technology. it goes down to it. >> i didn't see any "morning news" anchors on there. >> they're scarce. they're our freshest commodity. >> thank you, brian kelly. thank you. this morning john legend with a love song just for us. ♪ >> the grammy nominee says he planned out his musical life when he was only 15. our conversation
8:25 am
tried to cover up safety problems, with the new eastn span of and good morning, everyone. 8:26 your time. i'm frank mallicoat. get you some updates now on a few headlines around the bay area. a new report suggests caltrans tried to cover up safety problems with the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the state senate transportation committee releasing a scathing report ahead of tomorrow's hearing saying an official overseeing the construction project told an engineer not to document concerns about cracks and problems but, rather, voice those concerns so there was no traceable record. and a san rafael teenager max wade is scheduled for sentencing today. he was convicted last year of shooting into a car in which a girl that he liked was riding with her boyfriend. he also stole tv chef guy fieri's lamborghini from a car
8:26 am
dealership in san francisco. he will be in court later today. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,, ♪
8:27 am
at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive. the way we clean.ange and free ourselves from the harshness of bleach. lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it kills 99.9% of germs and is family friendly. that's healthing. good morning, everybody. liza battalones here with your "kcbs traffic." got an accident delaying traffic on 280 in los altos northbound 280 approaching foothill. you can see right here over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the backups continue still slow from the 880 overcrossing. and over at the san mateo bridge, all the backups we had on the span have dissipated. ,,,,,,,,
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, she's just 31 years old and she's in charge of compton, california. the rookie mayor who came back to town and is using her own family's pain to try to save the city from its violent corrupt history. plus john legend could earn his tenth grammy award. he talked to gayle about his new wife, special friend kanye west and special letter from the past. that's ahead. but right now it's time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. the "washington post" says the fda is looking aet the caramel coloring in soft drinks. a study by consumer reports finding low levels of a compound that it says may be linked to
8:31 am
cancer. 12 soda brands are named including pepsi products. a pepsi spokesperson says it has, quote, serious questions about the study. the "daily news" says the team is giving him a seven-year, $155 million deal. they already spent $283 million for three other players. tanaka's contract puts him over the $189 million luxury tax threshold that could stop the yankees' spending for now. >> mr. tanaka must be really good. >> his wife is extraordinary, a japanese personality. >> i can't wait to see. during an earnings call netflix ce o'reed talked about the password to see netflix. he used a derogatory term and it
8:32 am
rhymes with rich. >> hmm. what could that be? the "guardian" looks at a bronze statue of mandela. the sculpt tors now admit they hid a small rabbit inside of his ear. they claim it's too small for everyone to notice but they want the rabbit removed. "usa today" introduced us to bushwacker last summer. the bull had a record 242 buckings over a four-year period. only two people ever stayed on the bull for eight seconds. j.b. mooney talked to us about his lucky ride in august. >> i looked at my wife and i said bushwacker is in the draw tonight. she said, i'm feeling it too. >> how did you do it? >> i don't know. >> i mean how could you hang on when you couldn't before? >> luck, i guess.
8:33 am
i think i got a little luckier that day. >> the great bushwacker will retire to a ranch. >> i remember when he said hung on. but what else did you do. >> how did you do it. >> that was a very funny moment. the san jose mercury news says the oakland raiders are being sued by raiderettes cheerleaders. they claim unfair wages and employment practices. >> we had to practice three time as week, overnight stays for photo shoots and mini camps so there were a lot of hours being put in and there was going to be no compensation for that. >> reporter: according to the cheerleaders' attorney the annual salary for a raiderette is $12,000. one new leader gaining national attention. she is on a mission to rid
8:34 am
compton, california, for its reputation of gang and violence. bill whitaker shows why she went back to a place that brought her family heartache. >> reporter: spend time with the mayor of compton, california, the handshakes and hugs, the pictures and praise. >> my wife is very happy about it. >> thank you for your support. >> reporter: it's obvious 31-year-old aza brown loves interacting with people and is passionate about public service. >> that title to means the biggest service. >> reporter: less obvious, this immaculate urban planner is a fighter. she faces tough battles in compton, high crime, high poverty, poor schools, but the biggest, she says, fighting the city's notorious image immortalized by hometown rappers from nwa in the '80s to kendrick
8:35 am
lamar today. most people think of compton, a place of gangs and drugs and guns and prostitution. >> i think compton definitely has pieces of that. >> reporter: a big piece is crime. the city of 97,000 has one of the highest murder rates in the state. >> so it's not just an image problem. you have a problem. >> compton still definitely has its issue, that's no mistake, but we're definitely addressing those issues as a community, i think, for the first time in a very long time. >> reporter: for mayor brown compton's crime is very personal and it happened right here on this block. >> my grandmother was the victim of a home invasion and they raped and murdered her. >> raped and murdered her. >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: her family fled compton and fled miles away to pasadena. >> but you chose to return even though there's so much pain for
8:36 am
your family. >> compton is definitely a part of my family, a part of me. why not go back to a city that has great need, a city of hope. >> reporter: for the first time aza brown ran against a former mayor who was convicted of being corrupt. you came in here and there was a huge budget deficit. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: what have you done about that? >> we have put in some great financial controls so for the first time in over six years compton has a balanced budget. we actually have a budget surplus. >> reporter: compton had a deficit of places to buy fresh produce so mayor brown started a farmer's market. >> reporter: bringing healthy food back to the community. >> reporter: she's working to attract new businesses, to reconnect law enforcement with the community. the crime rate is inching down. >> i was really impressed by the energy that she has and the vision that she has and the desire to make this city better.
8:37 am
>> i think the only difference between the city of compton and a neighboring community or any other community is really the zip code and the mindset. it's really about challenging people to take ownership of our community. >> reporter: she points to a revitalized brooklyn, new york, as a model to compton. >> it's almost hip to be from brooklyn. >> reporter: it will be hip to be from compton. >> absolutely. >> reporter: instead of hip-hop. >> right. >> reporter: compton, revitalized. re-energized, reborn. that's an image aza brown can live with. for "cbs this morning," bill whitak whitaker, compton, california. >> from pasadena to compton, you would think that would be the last place she'd want to go to. >> i know. that's inspiring. >> and she's 31. >> i know. even younger than me. >> john legend could win
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
good. good answer.
8:41 am
check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah, the educational toy bear. remember when the battery went out? give me [slowly, deeply] your abc's. all i learned was a new definition of fear. i need some pudding. yeah, there's one left. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. when it comes to music about love, few artists enjoy the success of john legend. his songs about romance and relationships always top playlists and this sunday night john legend could take home his 10th grammy.
8:42 am
♪ >> you do like writing love songs? >> yeah. >> are they your favorite? >> they come naturally because i grew up on them. i grew up on marvin gaye. they're so universal. >> everybody wants love, gives love, or gets love. that's something that's universal for all. >> yeah. absolutely. no matter where you go, where you travel. ♪ ♪ we don't know which way to go ♪ >> i want to know if you could take us back to that night when you won your first grammy. >> yeah. >> it's almost been ten years. >> my first album came out in 2004. >> you were nominated for eight and won three. >> first album. >> my first album. and, wow. >> and listen, ten years later we're still saying about john
8:43 am
legend, wow. ♪ because all of me loves all of you ♪ >> when i look of you, i think "because all of me loves all of you." >> it's mutual. >> i'll sail it again. all of me loves all of you. i'm really thinking that's become a signature song. you wrote it for the now mrs. legend. every time i look at your hand, i see a wedding ring. >> there's a wedding ring about that. >> i'm excited for you. >> i'm excited. >> does marriage scare you? >> it doesn't. >> it doesn't? >> no. >> all right. >> i have been with chrissy for a long time and knew that i wanted to be with her for the rest of my life and wanted to have kids with her and all of that and i didn't have any fear. once i decided to do it, i said go for it. >> ding, ding, ding. there's a rumor that chrissy is pregnant right now. >> no, it's not true. they just caught her at a weird angle. >> that's so exciting. >> we'll be excited when it
8:44 am
happens. ♪ what would i do without your smart mouth drawing me in and you kicking me out." >> did she like it at first or did she say, why did you say i had a smart mouth? >> no. she loved it and she cried the first time she heard it. sang it to her. just whispered it to her when we were at hope. i wasn't at the piano. i was excited. i didn't have the recording. >> you just whispered the song. >> i whispered it and said, you've about got to hear the song. i sang it to her and she started crying. >> so many people love the song and you actually encourage people to do covers of it. >> yes. ♪ some. i've seen some great covers. >> love your curves and all your edges. >> for me i love it when people cover my songs. >> you do? i can imagine what people think
8:45 am
when they hope john legend hears it. not only does he hear it, but he tweeting about it. >> why you do do that? >> i love it because i know what it is to be down. >> you started as a sessions artist. >> yeah. >> did you have dreams that you were going to be the star? >> in my mind i already was that guy. ♪ baby when i used to love you >> do you credit kanye with giving you one of your first big breaks in business? >> oh, absolutely. i was in new york. >> you are still friends today. >> yes. >> kanye also lived his life outloud. >> absolutely. >> do you ever call him and say, dude, what are you doing? stop talking. >> how are you going to stop that juggernaut? you've got to let him live. obviously we're very different in the way we express ourselves publicly. >> he's so passionate. >> he's so passion at about art and culture and creativity and he's really good at it.
8:46 am
that honesty manifests itself in ways that are not politically correct, not socially acceptable sometimes. ♪ >> i want to go back to your music for a second because you're nominated for best r & b album. yaw sa you said you're a little worry about the genre. >> it's been a good year actually. we've had some good r & b leased in the past year. obviously radio is going to play what it's going to play, but we have the make compelling music. ♪ it's the beginning of november ♪ >> it's our job to keep r & b relevant. >> this was a dream for you, was it not? >> absolutely. >> do this, to be this. >> absolutely. i dreamt about it since i was a kid. >> but did you have a plan, john? because you're very smart. you got accepted to harvard, you got accepted to upenn, moore
8:47 am
house, so you're very smart. when you got out of school you were in the consulting business. >> yeah. >> so did you have a plan of what you were going to become in music today? >> i had a plan. i knew what i wanted to be, what i am right now. even when i was in high school, i wrote an essay. mcdonald's did this feature makers. i wrote about it when i was 15 years old. ♪ baby, we're so hot walking on cloud nine ♪ >> you know, if i ever get married, i told you. >> that's the one. >> i want you to sing that song at my wedding. >> i'll be there. >> you got anybody for me? >> you know, when you look at john legend's wife -- talk about an inspiration for writing love
8:48 am
songs, she's smoking hot and she's really nice. >> he has so much hue mitt, that's what struck me. he has all that success. >> you interviewed him before, charlie. >> i like him a lot. he's the real deal and a very accomplished musician at the same time. >> and after all this time, he's still not jaded. he's looking forward to -- >> it intrigued me this relationship he has with kanye. and he's also a very good musician by the way. >> they're very different. you can watch the grammy awards sunday night at 8:00 right here on cbs. and tomorrow on "cbs this morning" we'll go behind the scenes of the grammys. hunter hayes, he's performing sunday night too. that's coming up tomorrow. and ahead, "all that mattered" on this day in 1986, a new standard for rock and roll. do you remember what it was? the answer is next on "cbs this morning." ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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omg, jack. have you ever checked out these new product ideas people post on your page? they're kind of amaze. yeah - that's where i got the ideas for my new- fajita ranch melt. seasoned chicken with a gooey blend of pepper jack cheese, roasted peppers and onions, on toasted sourdough for just $3.99. is that where you also got the idea for that clock bracelet you always wear?
8:51 am
my watch? no...these were invented a long time ago. like in the 80's?
8:52 am
"all that mattered" 28 years ago today, the rock and roll hall of fame. new york city hosted the first induction ceremony. among the ten legendary performers honored, elvis presley, james brown, buddy holly, chuck berry, and ray charles. nearly 300 artists followed in the years since. in april the new induct ayes will include hall & oates, nirvana, cat stevens, linda ron starngts peter gabriel and kiss. i'm sure john legend will be
8:53 am
entered in coming,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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